February 4, 2018

Title Loans

Who knows what happens tomorrow? Things might get tough, and when the real hard times hit, people go on for the title loans. A title loan is one of the most common kinds of loan taken by those people whose financial situation shattered in a devastating way.

Coming to what it means, a title loan uses the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay in order to provide the cash you need. Here, the lender will have the rights over your vehicle until you discharge the vehicle from his pawns by paying off the offered loan. For those who were undergoing the tough phase in life, this loan stands as the epitome of assistance.


This can be called as the source of emergency financing and it is the most preferred loan as you can free your car from the shackles of the lender by repaying him as soon as your financial situation balances.

Other than this, the most beneficial thing about Title Loans is that here you can take the loan of tens of thousands of dollars within no time, as payday loans only grant you hundreds that too with higher interests, title loans are preferred over them. So, all these factors considered, we suggest you proceed with a Title loan, rather than any other.

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And keep in mind that the amount you are capable of borrowing doesn’t depend on your income flow or the previous transactions, here everything you will get depends directly on the quality standards of your car, its model, and the market value. If you own an old car, you might get a lower amount due to depreciation, meanwhile, the updated model of the same may offer you a good amount.

Despite the stereotypic norms, there is a catch here, for an example, you might bag a huge loan if you have a 2004 Mercedes-Benz S-Class than a Toyota Corolla in the same year because all that matters is the current value of the title, not the date or time. This loan saves you a lot of time, you don’t have to ping the bill collectors to talk about the next payday, and there’s no messing around with the bad checks.

In the common kinds of loans, you have to bear the overdraft fee of at least $25 USD every time, the streak of that only makes it worse, and at times, you might end up paying the $125 USD in overdraft fees alone for several automatic withdrawals, at the end of the month, all you end up is having your account turn reddish due to insufficient funds. On the top of everything, if there comes a situation when the bank denies your creditor’s request, you’ll be further screwed.

Putting everything together, compared with the short-term and little amounts you get with the payday loan, Title loans look more efficient. A higher amount of loan, a good span of time, and the flexible way of repaying the loan make it more consumer friendly and significant over any other. There are chances of payday loans dripping you in the debt traps in long-term, it isn’t same with Title Loans.

Well, other than all these virtues, there is another pro in preferring the title loan, as the title loan is not equivalent to the personal loan you won’t be facing troubles with the credit score. As you are already providing the vehicle as the collateral, there’ll be nothing to worry about the central source of your security in the loan agreement. Which means, ultimately, there is no question of approval.

So, why waiting? gear up and apply for a car loan at loanshop, here, we provide the lenders  as per your required rates and regulations.