Online Payday Loans in Texas

Need a loan fast? Whether you had a medical emergency, your car broke down, or another expense has arisen that you didn’t expect, you can get online payday loans in Texas fast, through LoanShop.

We understand the stress of financial woes and know that when you need money – you need it fast. Our easy application process doesn’t involve running around to find a lender during business hours: Instead, you fill out simple forms entirely online, making our loans easy and lightning fast. We do the work for you – once you fill out the form, we’ll submit your information to one of the best lenders in your area! Here’s how it works:

Online payday loans in Texas with direct lenders


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Complete the
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Simply fill out the easy online application, and upload your documents. Don’t have access to a computer or other device? Give us a call at 1-844-562-6847, and one of our helpful and professional representatives will walk you through the application process.

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The next part of the process is easy: Just sit back and relax once you’ve submitted your application. We’ll compere your information with our network of lenders, and choose the lender that is most likely to approve your application. We’ll automatically submit it for you!

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Your Account
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The lender we’ve submitted your application to will review your application, and then underwrite your loan. Most applications get funded within the first 48 hours. There’s nothing you need to do – the funds will be credited to your provided bank account soon.

Why Work with LoanShop for Texas Payday Loans?

You may be wondering why you should work with LoanShop to get your payday advance in Texas. Here’s a few reasons working with us will ease your stress and help you get approved for a loan fast:

  • Bad Credit Loans: Our Texas payday loan lenders do not evaluate your credit applications based on your three digit score and they do not check your credit score. This is great news and means everyone can qualify for a short term loan and get the money they need quickly. Learn more about our Texas payday loans with no credit check.
  • Absolutely Free: Our services are absolutely free to you. You don’t have to pay a comission or an origination fee. Our price is $0, because we know that in your financial situation, you can’t afford additional fees and rates. We take pride in what we do, and don’t tack on fees that will be a burden to you.
  • Get Matched with Texas Payday Lenders: Shopping around to find direct lenders doesn’t mean you’ll get the best service. When you work with LoanShop, you’ll be matched with a lender who will fit your needs perfectly. Whether you’re looking for the best rate, convenience, good service, or anything else, we’ll find Texas payday loan lenders that will make the process smooth and easy.
  • Shop with Confidence: We screen all the lenders we work with, to ensure they comply to all applicable regulations. Each one adheres to a strict code of conduct in order to guarantee you get quality service, personalized attention, and full disclosures. All fees, terms and conditions will be clearly stated so that you can make an informed decision about your loan with complete confidence.
  • Safe and Secure: We do not share your information or data with anyone other than the lenders you have shown (loan officers who are assigned to your application are the only ones who have access to your data). All data is encrypted on our website using 128 bit encryption as it transmits to our servers. We continuously strive to prevent fraud, and protect your data like our business depends on it – because it does.


Loans for Every Kind of Emergency from Direct Payday Lenders in Texas:

Life throws us curve balls constantly. Whether it’s an unexpected medical emergency, a necessary but unexpected home or car repair, additional money for college or other education, or a relocation costs you need right now, don’t stress. Submit your application today, and we’ll pair you with the best lender in your area to receive a payday advance in Texas. You don’t have to shop or compare – submit your information and we’ll find them for you and send them your information. And, we don’t have any fees, because we know you’re in need of money and don’t need another stress in your life.

Have Questions about Texas Payday Loans?

We get it: There’s a lot of misinformation out there about payday loans, and Texas payday lenders. That’s why we started LoanShop: To help people make the right decisions in handling their finances in those moments of panic when you need cash fast. Here are the answers you are looking for as you look for Texas payday loans and direct lenders:

  • How Long Does the Application Take? We pride ourselves on our easy, no-nonsense paperwork. Filling out our online application only takes 2-3 minutes. The second you hit submit, we’re on it, working to find you a match. We’ll let you know almost instantly (it takes less than a minute) if we were able to find a match.
  • Do I Need Direct Deposit? Our lenders prefer direct deposit of your paycheck, but it isn’t mandatory. Most require you to have an active savings or checking account, however.
  • Will Applying Affect My Credit? Applying will not have an impact on your credit, as none of the lenders in our network rely on the three major credit reporting agencies (Transunion, Equifax, or Experian). Other consumer databases may be used, however, such as Factor Trust in order to verify your identity. If you have additional questions, read our FAQ to get the answer’s you’re looking for.