7 Things In Life That Are Always Worth The Loan

The term ‘loan’ itself gives us the afternoon nightmares. Moreover, it is the reason behind taking the loan that matters the most. A loan is nothing but an investment of a bank on us, of course, an investment for which we ourselves approach the lender. Now to repay that, we must sustain our position in any possible way. After all, in one way, we can conclude it as a metaphor for ‘investment’.

Well, some take loans for studies, some do that for the house (most common reason), and others for business (a gutsy decision which has its own flaws). There are hundreds of ways to get loans. We, in general, follow certain conditions, consider some organizations, banks and other hubs depending on the interest they charge and the amount they offer. After all, one has to maintain certain standards to get a loan and there might be a time when credit score becomes the gamechanger.


The loan can always be considered as a one-way path. If we are going to take certain debt from the bank, we can clear our way only by repaying it, so, as per this, all we have to do is take the loan carefully, choose the best reason and go ahead. Some reasons like House, and buying properties like lands are always the classic reasons with no questions asked. But, there are many other things, many won’t bother, but, here at ‘loan shop’, we have certain concerns for our readers and here after good research, we picked some pretty good reasons to take a move on taking a loan.

Here, we have enlisted 7 good things in life which are worth taking the loan:

1. House Loan:

house loan best

As mentioned above, classics always come first. Keep in mind that it is going to be a mammoth expense for sure. If the initial cost and the furniture are taken into account, well, you’re screwed for the next decade, jokes apart, this deserves every bit of it. If you’re geared up with some fancy job with no possible transfers, then get no second thoughts, go for it.

2. Home Improvement:

home improvement

Now, that you have paid the whole house loan, you might have already settled up everything with your well-paid job. What all left is enhancing the beauty factors of your beautiful house. So, take another step, proceed with a short loan which could fulfill your home improvement requirements. Just as house loan, it is worth it.

Or maybe, there are people who aren’t capable of taking huge ‘house loans’, they simply build a house from the scratch out of very affordable materials but could easily damage. After so many years, the roof might need to be fixed and some other parts of the house. In that case, a loan is a must.

3. Education:

education loan

To comfortably be able to take the above two loans, you must get a job that pays you well. And to bag such jobs, grades you score at the college are mandatory (skills too of course). If you are not born with a rich spoon, then take a move and apply for a loan.

Having a loan on your chest throughout the studies often reminds you that you have to get a job to settle everything ASAP. And, that’s the Pro of it.

Meanwhile, every good university these days offers student loans, some even provide accommodation loans, the process isn’t difficult, so it is always suggestible to take a loan. Don’t bother about nodding for a cheap college just because you need to take a bigger loan for the decent college, if you commit this mistake, you’ll regret it later. Moreover, the rates of interest are never sky high.

4. Candid Investments:

investing money

If there is a possibility of you earning at least three to five times the amount you’re going to take as a loan, then make a move, it is worth it. There are two ways of investing money, one: the kind of business where you’re bull shot sure of getting your money back, and the second: investing money in properties like land or house whose prices are absolutely going to get doubled in coming couple of years.

If the latter happens, by the end of the grace period, you can earn three times the money you loaned, of which two times remains as the profit. Pretty impressive eh, isn’t it?

5. Car:

car loan

Do this, if you’re really capable of paying it back. Moreover, in today’s world, owning a car is one of the hardest things to achieve. But people who are in need of a car and can afford the monthly amortization, a car loan is always available.

First cars are always special. After all, a car is the property only next to the house, that replicates your stature in society.

6. Wedding:

wedding loan

When important events in our life are considered, wedding tops the chart. Everybody loves to have a fancy wedding. Having an amazing number of guests is what everybody dreams about. We see our grandparents and parents cherishing their wedding day moments by looking at those epic photographs which were clicked decades ago.

However, we should set certain limitations on the amount we loan. Not just marriage, the post events play a prominent role. You might even end up taking one more loan to fulfill the dreams of honeymoon at your favorite spot in Europe or some crazy island country in Southeast Asia.

7. Traveling: 

travel loan

This is the modern peaceful mantra which many still aren’t aware of. A loan to travel of course sounds ridiculous, but, remember, time doesn’t freeze for anyone. All you have to do is travel as much as you can when you’re not bound by responsibilities or a stable job. Learn saving, loan a part of your travel expenses and fulfill your dream destination.

Face the consequences after the trip, repay the loan at the light-speed. Try taking loans from the private organization. Some banks do offer this offbeat kind of loans. A necessity could also come up when loss of life happens in a faraway place and one doesn’t even have sufficient funds to pay for the entire expenses.

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